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Hello Memory Athletes..
This Is Squadron Leader jayasimha, President World Memory Sports Council For India (WMSC India ).
We Are Excited To Announce the INDIA’S BIGGEST MEMORY CHALLENGE – The Battle of Best Brains of India, “Indian National Open Online Memory Championship 2021“ on 31st October 2021 (Sunday).
This Is Going To Be Online Memory Championship Conducted by WMSC for India.
You Can Attend Right From Your Home and from any part of the world.
If You’re a Student/ Parent / Professional / Teacher/ Senior Citizen or If You Have Good Memory Power & want To Become an International Certified memory Athlete, This is For You.
YOU CAN BECOME THE INDIAN MEMORY CHAMPION & WIN PRIZE MONEY of Rs. 1,00,000/-, many Trophies & Medals.
Date : 31st October 2021, Sunday.
Mode Of Exam: Online
Pre Requisites: Laptop / Desktop with a webcam and Good Internet Connection.
Kids, Junior, Adult, and Seniors.
You Can Become Next Indian Memory Champion 2021
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This is an official site of the National Memory Council of India (NMCI) under the aegis of The World Memory Sports Council(WMSC). WMSC is the independent governing body of the mind sport of memory and regulates competitions worldwide. It is a not-for-profit organization. Tony Buzan is honorary President of the Council.

Squadron Leader Jayasimha is the President of World Memory Sports Council for India. On the behalf of WMSC, he will be the Chairman of National Memory Council of India to train, license and conduct all Memory Championships including the Indian National Memory Championships.
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New WMSC President for India

We are pleased to announce that multiple Guinness World Record holder, Squadron Leader Jayasimha Ravirala is now the president of the India Memory Sports Council. Jayasimha has long been involved in the mind sport of memory and held the very first memory championships in India.

He had been conducting professional training in soft skills for corporates, Educational institutions and public programmes since 2003 and has trained more than 2,90,000 Students, Adults, Armed Forces Personnel for the last five years on various subjects of Personality Development at Schools, Engineering, other professional colleges and also through Public Programmes in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Uttar Pradesh, Orissa and Assam.

The India Memory Sports Council is a part of the Asia Pacific Region of the WMSC and the regional president is David Zhang.

10th Indian National Memory Championships-2019

Squadron Leader Jayasimha, the President Memory Sports Council India is very pleased to announce that the 10th Indian National Memory Championship-2019 will take place on 12th & 13th October 2019 (Saturday and Sunday), in Benguluru (India). This year the event will be for 2 days and will be held at SJC Institute of Technology, Chickballapur, Bengaluru. This year, Championship will have a prize money of Rs 1.75 Lakhs to be won. The aim is to uplift and promote Memory Sports in India and showcase India’s brainpower to the world.

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For getting trained for the Memory Championship, please call 9885157228 or 8328258445 or mail us to visionjay@gmail.com

A short video highlights of the 10th Indian National Open Memory Championship 2019


Indian National Memory Championship images 2018

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