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Our ability to remember is being eroded day by day. Most of the students are not aware of scientific methods of memorisation; hence they are going through lot of stress and failure. Be it a student, a professional or any adult, memory is at the heart of everything we do – academics, examinations, communication, creativity, and thinking – indeed it is the root of our existence. Hence, there is a need to train and practice memory as a sport, as a hobby so that we remain active throughout our life. Participation in this Memory championship will give an opportunity for the students to master these techniques and excel in their examinations.

India had hosted 10 Offline and 1 Online National Memory Championships so far. Due to the existing Global Pandemic, the World Memory Sports Council for India is organising the Indian Open Memory Championship 2021 also ONLINE. This year Online Memory Championship is the improvised version of the last year Online Memory Championship with the best security features and most user friendly without any technical hiccups.

The Indian National Online Memory Championship will be held on 31st October 2021, Sunday. This is an Online Memory Championship and any Indian or a foreign citizen can participate in the Championship.

World Memory Sports Council for India

World Memory Sports Council for India is headed by Squadron Leader Jayasimha, Multiple Guinness World Record Holder. He had been training and conducting students for Memory Championships from a Decade. He has Trained more than 1M People across the globe and known for memory, Speed Training & Mentalism. He got featured on BBC, National Geographic Channel & All Major Publications. With a vision to create World Memory Champions from India he has organising Memory Championships in India.



The Highlights of Indian National Memory Championship 2021 (Online) :


  • The Winner of National Open Memory Championship-2021 will be awarded the title, “Indian National Memory Champion – 2021”.
  • There is a prize worth of Rs 6,00,000/- allocated for the winners (Cash Prize & Digital Courses)
  • Award certificates of Recognition & Medals to overall top 10 participants of the Championship will be awarded in each category & Participation Certificate for everyone who Participate
  • The contestants would be awarded National Rankings. The individual scores and the rankings will be put up at the official website nationalmemorycouncilofindia.com


Categories of IMC 2021 :

The Indian Memory Championship will be organized under the following four categories :


Kids :     Age 12 years or under: Born in 2009 or after

Junior : Age 13 to 17 years : Born 2003 – 2008

Adults : Age 18 to 59 years : Born 1961 – 2000

Senior : Age 60 years and above : Bore before 1961


First Prize :                   Rs 50,000/- & Trophy & a certificate (Lifetime Membership, Courses Worth 45,000/- + 5K Cash Prize)

Second Prize :              Rs 40,000/- & Trophy & a certificate (Lifetime Membership, Courses Worth 36,000/- + 4K Cash Prize)

Third Prize :                 Rs 30,000/- & Trophy & a certificate (Lifetime Membership, Courses Worth 27,000/- + 3K Cash Prize)


 Different Disciplines :

There will be overall 5 disciplines for winning the Memory Championships:

  1. Memorising Random Numbers
  2. Memorising Random Words
  3. Memorising Binary Numbers
  4. Memorising Playing Cards
  5. Memorising Historic / Future Dates



There will be marks allotted for each discipline. The Memory Athlete with the highest overall score of these 5 disciplines will be declared as the Indian Memory Champion 2021.

Prize Fund & the Title:

The overall winner will be awarded the title, “The Indian National Memory Champion – 2021”.

The over All Prizes Worth Rs 10,00,000/- will be distributed as below:

Overall Winners :

First Prize Worth Rs  100,000/- & Trophy & a Certificate ( Lifetime Courses Access Worth 75K + 25K Cash Prizes)

Second Prize :   Rs 75,000/- & Trophy & a  Certificate ( Lifetime Courses Access Worth 60K + 15K Cash Prizes)

Third Prize :      Rs 50,000/- & Trophy & a Certificate ( Lifetime Courses Access Worth 40K + 10K Cash Prizes)



Special Prize : Youngest Memory Kid will get All Access Junior Pass Worth Rs. 25000/-



Who can Participate & How to Register?

The championship is open-to-all Indian & Foreign Nationals to compete in the Kids, Junior, Adult and Senior Category. You may visit the OFFICIAL National Memory Council of India website :

.Register at :  www.jayasimha.in  or call us on 9985031777, 9985041777 or 9866018989.


Competition Schedule & Procedure:

This is an online Championship. The date of the Championship is 31st October 2021, Sunday at 10 am.

The venue will be your house, school, or office any location that is convenient to you anyone across the world can attend.

For Indian Memory Championship 2021 Registration,
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This is an official site of the National Memory Council of India (NMCI) under the aegis of The World Memory Sports Council(WMSC). WMSC is the independent governing body of the mind sport of memory and regulates competitions worldwide. It is a not-for-profit organization. Tony Buzan is honorary President of the Council.

Squadron Leader Jayasimha is the President of World Memory Sports Council for India. On the behalf of WMSC, he will be the Chairman of National Memory Council of India to train, license and conduct all Memory Championships including the Indian National Memory Championships.
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New WMSC President for India

We are pleased to announce that multiple Guinness World Record holder, Squadron Leader Jayasimha Ravirala is now the president of the India Memory Sports Council. Jayasimha has long been involved in the mind sport of memory and held the very first memory championships in India.

He had been conducting professional training in soft skills for corporates, Educational institutions and public programmes since 2003 and has trained more than 2,90,000 Students, Adults, Armed Forces Personnel for the last five years on various subjects of Personality Development at Schools, Engineering, other professional colleges and also through Public Programmes in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Uttar Pradesh, Orissa and Assam.

The India Memory Sports Council is a part of the Asia Pacific Region of the WMSC and the regional president is David Zhang.


A short video highlights of the 10th Indian National Open Memory Championship 2019


Indian National Memory Championship images 2018

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