8th Indian National Open Memory Championships-2017 – Registrations are open

for the 8th Indian National Open Memory Championships-2017 to be held on 15th October, 2017 in Hyderabad: Squadron Leader Jayasimha, President World Memory Sports Council for India

 The Registrations are now open for the 8th Indian National Memory Championships-2017 to be held on 15th October 2017, Sunday in Hyderabad announces Squadron Leader Jayasimha, the President World Memory Sports Council for India.

Those who are wanting to participate in the Memory Championships can register here

and for Specialised training by visiting www.jayasimha.in

Why Memory Sports?

There are world championships for virtually every physical sport like Swimming, Boxing, Foot Ball, Cricket, Hockey and Athletics and so on and on and on…

Yet there was no world championships for that most important cognitive function of all, and without which none of the others could exist – MEMORY!

World Memory Sports Council had taken up the initiative to organize Memory Sports across the Globe. In this direction, National Memory Council for India under the aegis of World Memory Sports Council is organizing the Indian National Open Memory Championships – 2017 on 15th October 2017, Sunday in Hyderabad (India).


The aim of the National Memory Council of India is to showcase the Indian Brain Power to the whole World and ultimately produce a World Memory Champion from India.  Squadron Leader Jayasimha, Multiple Guinness World Record Holder and the President of World Memory Sports Council had been working towards promoting the Memory Sports in India.He had trained numerous students, adults, professionals and trainers in the field of Memory. His goal is to organize World Memory Championships in India in few years from now.

Categories :

The Indian Memory Championship will be organized under the following categories :


Kids :    Age 12 years or under. Born in 2004 or after

Junior : Age 13 to 17 years : Born 1999 – 2003

Adults : Age 18 to 59 years : Born 1957 – 1998

Senior : Age 60 years and above : Bore before 1957

Disciplines :

There will be overall 10 disciplines for winning the Memory Championships:

  1. Memorising Names and Faces
  2. Memorising Binary Numbers
  3. Memorising Random Numbers
  4. Memorising Abstract Images
  5. Memorising Speed Numbers
  6. Memorising Historic / Future Dates
  7. Memorising Random Playing Cards
  8. Memorising Random Words
  9. Memorising Spoken Numbers
  10. Memorising Speed Cards


There will be marks allotted for each discipline. The Memory Athlete with the highest overall score of these 10 disciplines will be declared winner.

Booklet : Video : Training :

A booklet containing the format of each discipline, scoring pattern and an explanation video by Squadron Leader Jayasimha will be provided for all those who are wanting to participate in the championship. There will be a specialised training being organized for those wanting to learn the above disciplines and compete. Contact 8498005454 or 9866018989 for details

Who can Participate?:

If you think you have the best brain in India, If you are a topper in the Civil Services Examination, IIT, Medicine, Management or any other competitive examination Or you are the top most software engineer, successful businessmen, homemaker, Teacher or a student Or Any Institution which thinks that they have the best talented student or a Parent who feels that they have a very creative kid at home Or anyone who would like to learn Memory Sports and Compete can participate.

Why Participation in the National Memory Sports is mandatory?

Participation in the Indian National Memory Championships is compulsory to get eligibility to participate in the World Memory Championships. National Memory Council of India will recommend those top scorers in the National Championships for further participation.

Prize Money  & Title:

The Prize Money for the Winner is Rs 1,00,000/-, the First Runner up will be awarded Rs 50,000/- and the Second Runner Up will get Rs 25,000/-. The Winner of the Championship will also be awarded the title, “The Indian National Memory Champion – 2017”.

Guests of Honour :

Prince MohsinAli Khan had kindly consented to be the chief guest for the event. Mr Phil Chambers, The Chief Arbiter World Memory Sports Council and Mr David Zhang, the President World Memory Sports Council Asia Pacific Region and many other prominent guests will be attending the event.

Benefits :

You will learn the basics functionality of the Brain, Memorisation techniques, how to keep the brain healthy. Most importantly, You will also be able to apply these memory techniques in academics and in day to day life. Besides, you will get to interact with the top Memory Athletes at the event and you can win the “Indian Memory Champion – 2017” title along with prize money. This will provide a platform to showcase your talent, brain power and memory capacity to the whole world.

How do you Register?

The Registration fee per participant is Rs 5000/-. You may register by visiting the website www.nationalmemorycouncilofindia.com else you may visit www.jayasimha.in for specialized memory training program for the championship and for other details or else you may visit www.worldmemorychampionships.com to know more about memory sports or call us on 8498005454 or 9866018989 or mail us at visionjay@gmail.com

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8498005454 or 9866018989