9th Indian National Memory Championship 2018


Hotel “The Manohar”, Near old Airport Exit Road, Prakash Nager, Begumpet, Hyderabad will be hosting the Indian National Memory Championship on 14th October 2018. Hotel “The Manohar” is 15 minutes of driving distance from Secunderabad Railway station and 10 minutes from Paradise. It is centrally located and easily accessible to all the participants. This is the second time that we are hosting the Memory Championship at this venue.

The Reporting time for Registration of the participants is 7 am and the Championship will begin strictly by 8 am on 14th October. The Awards ceremony will be at 6 pm and the participants can expect to leave the venue, latest by 8 pm. You may plan your return journey accordingly. All the Participants will be provided 2 times Coffee/ tea/ Snacks and Lunch.

This is to inform you that No Relatives/ Parents of the participants will be permitted to be arbiters for the Championship or be present inside the venue. For the parents who are accompanying the participants, aLCD screen will be made available with live streaming of the Championship outside the hall.

We will soon let you know the Chief Guest and Guest of Honour and other prominent Guests for the Event. Mr Phil Chambers, the Chief Arbiter, World Memory Sports Council will be arriving on 13th Oct and Arbiters training will also be conducted on that day. Mr JSP Raj Sir and Mr Pavan Battad who are India’s arbiters will be responsible for compilation and declaration of Championship Results. Dr Vepa sir, the Chief Advisor will personally monitor the proceedings of the Championship. Mr Krishna & Mr Manjunath from Bangalore Mr Vedamangu and Mr Subhash and others also will be present. Mr VikranthChapekar  sir from Mumbai is personally guiding us in conduct of this event.

We need Arbiters for the Memory Championship. The arbiters will have to undergo training on 13th October 2018 and they have to be present for the Championship on 14th October 2018. The arbiters will be provided with 1st Level Arbiter Certificate and Lunch/ refreshments will be taken care of on the day of the Championship. Interested volunteers are requested to contact WMSC for India immediately.

The World Memory Sports Council for India is also looking for sponsorship of the championship from Corporates, Government, Educational Institutions, Social organisations, Electronic and Print Media, Good Samaritans and any individuals who would like to help us promote memory sports in India.

We have good number of registrations this year already. Now that the venue is finalised, we request rest of the Memory athletes to register for the Championship at the earliest as we will be closing the registrations soon.

This year there is a prize money of Rs 10 Lakhs for the winners and the competition is going to be quite tough. All the top Indian Memory athletes have already registered. Other athletes are undergoing training & practicing regularly at Jayasimha Mind Education.

For any more details, please do contact Squadron Leader Jayasimha, President World Memory Sports Council for India on 98660 18989 or mail us to visionjay@gmail.com or visit www.jayasimha.in or www.nationalmemorycouncilofindia.com

Looking forward to promote Memory Sports in India sincerely and in a big way so that India raises itself to conduct the World Memory Championship in 2020 and hope to see an Indian on top of the World Memory.

Neurons.. Get Ready!!!