9th Indian National Memory Championship – 2018

The 9th Indian National Memory Championship will be held on 14th October 2018, Sunday in Hyderabad. This is being organised by World Memory Sports Council for India under the aegis of World Memory Sports Council. Presently Squadron Leader Jayasimha, Multiple Guinness World Record Holder and Memory Maestro is heading the WMSC for India.

Why Memory as a sport?

Our ability to remember is being eroded day by day. Most of the students are not aware of scientific methods of memorisation, hence they are going through lot of stress and failure. Be it a student or a professional or any adult, memory is at the heart of everything we do –  academics, examinations, communication, creativity, and thinking – indeed it is the root of our existence. Hence, there is a need to train and practice memory as a sport, as a hobby so that we remain active throughout our life. Participation in this Memory championship will give an opportunity for the students to master these techniques and excel in their examinations.

Approximately 300 plus students/ adults and professionals are expected to participate in this Championship. The idea is to promote Memory Sports in India and Show Case India’s brain power to the world. Learning and practicing these Memory techniques will help students/ participants to understand their brain functionality better and there by learn to use it effectively in their studies. Students can use these techniques to easily remember their text books for their academic success. Alternately, this will also help build India with positive mind power and mentally healthy nation. The aim is to produce a World Memory Champion from our country in few years from now.

 The Highlights of Indian National Open Memory Championship 2018:

  • The Winner of National Memory Championship-2018 will be awarded the title, “Indian National Memory Champion – 2018”.
  • There is a prize money of Rs 10 Lakhs allocated for the winners.
  • “Certificate of Participation” in National Memory Championship -2018 will be awarded to all the contestants.
  • The contestants would be awarded World Memory Rankings depending on their performance and participation in the Indian Memory Championship is mandatory to compete at the World Memory Championship to be held in London in December 2018.
  • Mr Phil Chambers, Chief Arbiter World Memory Sports Council, Mr David Zhang, President World Memory Sports Council Asia Pacific Region and many other celebrities and guests will be present on the Championship day.
  • Popular Memory Trainers from India Mr Pavan Bhattad, Mr JSP Raj sir, Dr Krishna and Mr Manjunath and others will personally supervise the Championship.
  • The participants will get to meet, interact and learn from the best Memory athletes from India and abroad.

Categories :

The Indian Memory Championship will be organized under the following four categories :

Kids: Age 12 years or under: Born in 2006 or after

Junior : Age 13 to 17 years : Born 2000 – 2005

Adults : Age 18 to 59 years : Born 1958 – 1999

Senior : Age 60 years and above : Bore before 1958

Different Disciplines :

There will be overall 10 disciplines for winning the Memory Championships:

  1. Memorising Names and Faces
  2. Memorising Binary Numbers
  3. Memorising Random Numbers
  4. Memorising Abstract Images
  5. Memorising Speed Numbers
  6. Memorising Historic / Future Dates
  7. Memorising Random Playing Cards
  8. Memorising Random Words
  9. Memorising Spoken Numbers
  10. Memorising Speed Cards

There will be marks allotted for each discipline. The Memory Athlete with the highest overall score of these 10 disciplines will be declared as the Indian Memory Champion. The rules for each discipline, scoring pattern and training for the event will be organized by Jayasimha Mind Education.

Prize Money  & Title:

The overall winner will be awarded the title, “The Indian National Memory Champion – 2018”.

The prize money of Rs 10 Lakhs will be distributed as under :

  • Overall Winners :

First Prize : Rs 3,00,000/-

Second Prize : Rs 2,00,000/-

Third Prize : Rs 1,00,000/-

  • Kids Category :

 First Position : Rs 50,000/-

Second Position : Rs 30,000/-

Third Position : Rs 20,000/-

  • Junior Category :

First Position : Rs 50,000/-

Second Position : Rs 30,000/-

Third Position : Rs 20,000/-

  • Adult Category :

 First Position : Rs 50,000/-

Second Position : Rs 30,000/-

Third Position : Rs 20,000/-

  • Senior Category :

 First Position : Rs 50,000/-

Second Position : Rs 30,000/-

Third Position : Rs 20,000/-

Training :

Participation without preparation means no value addition. With an estimate that the contest would have three  hundred plus trained participants, the contest would definitely be intense. Every participant is hence suggested to undergo training before taking part in the contest.

Jayasimha Mind Education headed by Squadron Leader Jayasimha is an authorized training centre in Hyderabad. Weekend training sessions and regular practice sessions have already commenced. To avail the training services, you may contact them on  9866018989 or visit our website www.jayasimha.in or mail us at visionjay@gmail.com .

Competition Schedule :

The competition will begin on 14 October 2018, Sunday in Hyderabad at 8 am and would culminate with an award ceremony & Dinner night at 9 pm. The reporting time at the venue for the participants would be 7 am on 14th October 2018.

Who can Participate & How to Register?

The championship is open-to-all Indian Nationals to compete in the Kids, Junior, Adult and Senior Category. You may visit the OFFICIAL National Memory Council of India website www.nationalmemorycouncilofindia.com and fill in the registration form or www.jayasimha.in or call us on 9866018989 or 9515955122 or mail us to visionjay@gmail.com

Registration is on first come – first serve basis.