Formation of Jayasimha Memory Club. First of its kind initiative in India

Squadron Leader Jayasimha, President World Memory Sports Council for India &a Multiple Guinness World Record Holder is very pleased to announce the formation of “Jayasimha Memory Club”, first of its kind initiative in India.

Genius is one per cent Inspiration, ninety-nine per cent Perspiration“. Realising the fact that nothing in this world can take the place of persistence, all social clubs like Lions Clubs, Rotary Clubs, Vasavi Clubs and various other clubs do meet regularly. Similarly, The Toastmasters International has formed Toastmasters Clubs are formed all over the world for fine tuning the Public Speaking Skills.

Squadron Leader Jayasimha, who is the founder President of Vision Toastmasters, Hyderabad had taken up the first of its kind initiative to form, “Jayasimha Memory Club” in Hyderabad (India)wef03 September 2017. This Memory club will meet once in every week on a Sunday to sharpen and strengthen all the various memory skills and help achieve success in academic, professional and personal life. Members can also learn the techniques and their application in the text books on weekdays in the morning and evening depending upon their convenience. Online Sessions also will be held for those who are busy & find it difficult to commute every day.

Why Memory as a Sport?

For ages, India has been laying so much emphasis on Physical sport and so much hype is created on winning a single medal in Olympics. But, Mental Sports has totally taken a back seat.

Our ability to remember is getting eroded day by day. Most of the students are not aware of scientific methods of memorisation. Besides, the corporate institutions with their grinding system of memory, running behind ranks/ grades/ marks is adding lot of stress to students. Be it a student or a professional or any adult, memory is at the heart of everything we do –  academics, examinations, communication, creativity, and thinking – indeed it is the root of our existence. Hence, there is a need to train and practice memory as a sport, as a hobby so that we remain active throughout our life.


Squadron Leader Jayasimha, Memory Maestro had been conducting Memory enhancement workshops in India and abroad for the last few years. Though these memory techniques are proven and scientific, but most of the students are not practicing them after the workshop for deriving the full benefit in their academics. Having been part of the Toastmasters Club which fine tunes public speaking at regular intervals, Squadron Leader Jayasimha felt that to have the same impact, all the Memory athletes and those who are interested in the field of Memory discipline should constantly practice these memory techniques. Hence, he had taken up this initiative of starting the First Memory Club in India. This is to prove that more than a God’s gift, Memory is a skill which can be mastered by all through proper training &consistent practice. These Memory clubs will re-define the way students learn and memorise their text books. This will help them to use both sides of the brain and will make citizens more innovative, creative and excel in their academics, examinations, professions in fact, in any of their chosen field.

The main objectives of Jayasimha Memory Club:

  • To spread awareness that Mental Sports is as much and in fact more important than physical sports. Hence, help promote Memory Sports across all sections of society in India
  • To Innovate, Train, Learn, Practice and Master new Memory Techniques consistently.
  • Prepare Memory athletes for the Indian and World Memory Championships, there by Memory Club aims to produce a “World Memory Champion from India” by 2020.
  • To help develop Memory Trainers, who can learn &take up this Memory Training in various schools, colleges and conduct Public Workshops.
  • To help School/ College / University Students to memorise their text books easily and to overcome stress of study and marks in examinations.
  • To break the myth of the traditional education system that long study hours are only way to memorise and crack IIT / Medical / Civil Services and other Competitive Examinations.
  • To help those taking up various Competitive examinations to learn smarter ways of memorising and crack examinations easily.
  • To help adults to learn and practice Memory techniques as a hobby to overcome Alzheimer disease or dementia.
  • To open up many more Memory Clubs across the Country so that this Memory movement spreads and achieves the goal of building India with positive mind power and mentally healthy nation.
  • To showcase India’s brain power to the world and make India No 1 in the field of mental sports.

Activities of Memory Club:

  • You can learn basic to advanced Memory techniques.
  • These Memory sessions will be held on weekdays in the morning or evening and on weekends. On every Sunday, there will be an interaction and demonstration of these skills in front of other memory athletes. Online sessions also will be held.
  • You will get a platform to practice these memory skills every week regularly.
  • You will get to interact with seasoned memory athletes & trainers at the club.
  • You will learn to apply these techniques in your academics books and will learn to crack competitive examinations.
  • You will learn practical / day to day memory tips to live a mentally healthy life.
  • Any problems related to brain, memory, creativity can be discussed and a solution can be found here.
  • Will get to learn & practice for the Indian and World Memory Championships.
  • Will get guidance, training and support to open Memory club in your area/ city.

This Memory Club is For YOU :

  • If you are a student who is finding it difficult to remember what you read, this Memory club is for you.
  • If you would like to crack IIT/ Medical entrance / Civil Services examination easily, this Memory club is for you.
  • You are heading a School/ College/ Coaching Centre/ Educational Institute and you think your students are not able to produce desired grades in spite of putting in lots of hard work, this memory club is for you.
  • If you are an adult who thinks that your memory is fading day by day and you are getting affected with Alzheimer or dementia or forgetfulness, this Memory club is for you.
  • Memory athletes who want to compete and win Indian National or World Memory Championships, this Memory club is for you.
  • You are a Teacher, Scientist, Businessman, Doctor, Software Engineer, a Professional, or a Home maker, doesn’t matter who you are, you think you are interested in Memory sports, this Memory club is for you.
  • If you are a seasoned or a budding memory trainer or you would like to take Memory training as your profession, this Memory Club is for you.

How to be Part of Jayasimha Memory Club?

If you or your kid or your student would like to be part of this Jayasimha Memory club or you would like to open a branch of Jayasimha Memory club in your city/ area, then contact Squadron Leader Jayasimha, President World Memory Sports Council for India on 9866018989 or 8498005454 or mail to  or visit website or