Importance of Memory – by multiple Guinness World Record holder, Squadron Leader Jayasimha

Memory is a very important mental faculty which is needed for every human being. Whether you are an adult, professional, businessperson, home maker, Retired individual, Teacher or a student, you need memory.

Without memory, nothing works.

Some people say, I have good memory and some others complain that they have poor memory. There is nothing called Good or Bad Memory. We only have, “Trained” or “Untrained” Memory.

In the present day education system, every parent, teacher or adults tells the students to study. But nobody tells them how to study. Hence, students undergo lots of stress due to high expectation and too much competition.

Few of us, those who have some idea about importance of Memory,  till we are in the school, college or  preparing for competitive examinations, we keep focussing or nurturing our memory. The day, we get into a job, profession, business or settle down in life, we completely ignore this very important mental faculty.

This article give an insight into why we should develop good memory:

Every country, city or village has a gymnasium, sports ground to keep body physically fit. People take onto different sports or go for morning walk or at least practice yoga to keep fit. But most of us ignore the fact that brain is also a part of the body. There are no Mental Gyms anywhere in the world to keep the brain healthy, fit and active.

The difference between the body and brain is that in body, daily some cell die and some take birth. If skin goes, new skin comes. If you cut the hair, new hair grows. If you cut nails, they grow again.

But, if the brain cells die, they don’t take birth again. So, if you have to be mentally fit as long as you are alive, you must ensure that these cells don’t die. For which you have to keep feeding the brain with knowledge, you have to keep reading or exercising brain by learning a new skill, solving some puzzles or participating in some intellectual discussions and basically introspecting and improving. Brain is like the engine in a car. If the car is good but the engine is not ok, the car still can’t go further. Similarly without the brain, we can’t achieve anything substantial in life.

“If you do today, what you have done yesterday, you will get today, what you got yesterday”. If you want more, different, then you have to do something different. You basically have to keep Reading, keep learning and keep growing.

Hence, these mental sports are very important, which are totally neglected in our country. This has led numerous cases of absentminded people, Dementia, Alzheimer diseases.  People today have more of mental problems than physical problems.

Even the people across the globe conduct national and international games including Olympics only to encourage the physical body endurance/ fitness but not mental sports.

World Memory Sports Council (WMSC) had been conducting memory championships every year all over the world so as to inculcate this habit of sharpening the brain cells and keeping them active. This will help them to sharpen their mental faculties and develop the habit of improving their memory.

In this regard, India with more than 1.25 billion people can’t be left behind. Our strength is of human resource. Hence, the National Memory Sports Council of India has taken initiative to conduct the Memory Championships every year.

The first Memory Championship in India was organised by Squadron Leader Jayasimha, Multiple Guinness World Record Holder. He is presently the President of World Memory Sports Council for India. He had trained lots of students, adults, professionals, including trainers and present day memory athletes on Memory in India and abroad. Squadron Leader Jayasimha is the one, who did tireless work in promoting the memory training all over the country, because of which the Memory Sport is gaining momentum tremendously. His aim is to showcase the Indian brain power to the world and also produce a World Memory Champion from India soon.

This year, The Indian National Open Memory Championship is scheduled to be held on 15th October 2016 in Hyderabad. This is the OFFICIAL Indian National Open Memory Championship with a prize money of Rs1,00,000, Rs50,000 and Rs25,000 for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. The winner will be awarded the title,       “Indian National Memory Champion – 2017”.

This is open to kids, teenagers, adults and senior citizens as well from India and abroad.

Interested people can register by visiting the official website

For training on Memory Sports, one may contact Squadron Leader Jayasimha on +91 9866018989 or mail to or visiting website  as well.

The Memory Championship is normally held in ten disciplines like memorising words, numbers, deck of playing cards, binary numbers, spoken numbers, abstract images, names & Faces, historical years etc.,

A detailed explanation of each discipline will be given in the subsequent articles. Those who are participating will be given scores in each discipline and the overall score will be taken to decide the winner. Participation in the National Memory Championship is mandatory to go for the World Memory Championships.

Participation in Memory sports will not only help the individuals but will also help them to develop the right mental habits from an early age. All schools, Educational Institutions and the Government bodies should basically promote this sports. These Memory athletes will not only win Championships but also excel in academics, scoring good marks in examinations and for leading a happy life overall.

In this regard, Jayasimha Mind Dynamics is organising special training sessions for the next few months on Memory Championship participation.

The details of all the events, training sessions will be informed soon.

Mean while, visit the website, and and stay tuned for further details in the next article.

Fertile Brains will lead to Powerful Nation!

Squadron Leader Jayasimha

President, World Memory Sports Council for India

Multiple Guinness World Record Holder