India to host the First-Ever World Memory Championships in 2020

28 years since the World Memory Championships started happening across the Globe, many small, big, poor and rich countries have hosted World Memory Championships.
China had hosted World Championships multiple times and had gone far ahead of others in Memory Sports.
India, being the Second Largest populated country and being the intellectual capital of the World could never host the World Memory Championships so far.
Problems are many, such as Lack of Will, Too much effort needed, Huge expenditure involved, Lack of Government Support, No Corporate sponsorship, Lack of encouragement from Educational institutions and Dearth of awareness of Memory Sports by the Parents, Teachers and specially the Students.

Personally, after my illustrious career with the Indian Air Force as a Squadron Leader, I took up “Self-improvement” as my field of passion. Further, I specialised in “Memory”, thanks to my GURU Dr Francis Xavier Sir. Not only, I have made Maximum Guinness Book of World Records in India but started memory training for students, teachers, professionals and adults from all walks of life.
In this eventful journey of interacting with students, I understood that this Memory training will revolutionise Indian Education system, specially the way youngsters read and reproduce. The key is to learn and practice the techniques regularly, till it becomes a way of living a learnt life.

After becoming the President of World Memory Sports Council for India, I started organising National Memory Championships in India every year and this year we organised the 10th Indian National Memory Championships in Bengaluru in October 2019.

The idea of these Championships is to inculcate the habit of practicing these Memory Disciplines daily like walking, exercising or playing any other physical game among all Indians.

The Dream of “hosting the World Memory Championships in India”.
This dream had finally come true!

I am glad that the first ever World Memory Championships 2020 in India is going to take place in December 2020. This World Memory Championships is equivalent of Mental Olympics of the World.
This World Memory Championships is going to be the biggest Global intellectual event India had ever hosted till date.
We will have Memory athletes across the Globe coming to our country and they will get to experience India’s rich heritage, culture, hospitality, wisdom, and intellectual competency.

Our youngsters will benefit from interacting and learning from the best Memory athletes of the World. We can spread the benefits of Memory Literacy in India. Our country with 1.3 billion empowered and competent brains can become the Leader of the world in real sense of becoming intellectual capital of the world.
All students, teachers and professionals will be able to excel in their respective fields by possessing trained Memory.
Adults will be able to drive away Alzheimer’s, dementia, absentmindedness by developing fertile and creative brains.

From here, India can only scale up, grow and prosper.
I know the task is daunting, very huge in terms of manpower and money. The journey is tough and not easy.
As of now, I have no clue as to how it will happen. But if our intentions are right and if it is for the good of humanity, then the whole universe will come together to make it happen. I am also aware that alone, I can do nothing. My fellow countrymen, we Indians together can do anything and everything.
We seek the blessings, wishes, moral support and contribution in any form to make this event the best that India can do.
As the president of World Memory Sports Council for India, this is a very happy moment for me.
It is a very, very proud moment for us, our country, India.
We wish to have the honourable Prime Minister of India, honourable President of India to grace this first World Memory Championships in India.
I am confident that India will host the first but also the best World Memory Championships next year.
Looking forward to an exciting year of happy memory times ahead.

First World Memory Championships 2020 in India
Long live India!
Jai Hind