Mr JSP Raj, the Indian Memory Champion is now the Chief Arbiter of National Memory Council of India 8th Indian National Open Memory Championship – 2017

Squadron Leader Jayasimha, President World Memory Sports Council & Multiple Guinness World Record Holder is pleased to announce the prestigious appointment of Shri JSP Raj, the Indian Memory Champion as the Chief ArbiterNational Memory Council of India with effect from 01 August 2017.

Mr JSP Raj had started his training career as a participant of the Memory Workshop conducted by Squadron Leader Jayasimha. Having learnt and mastered these techniques, he went on to become the Indian Memory Champion and is famously known as the “Fastest Memory Athlete of India”.

For the last few years he had developed these techniques further and had been travelling extensively across Andhra Pradesh and Telangana doing lots of memory workshops for the students and teachers. His fluency in Telugu, jovial nature, excitement and his famous workshop dialogues,  “Lallaa…Lallaa”…”Happy …Happy naa”  have become household dialogues all over the Telugu States. He had added flavour to his “Memory Mantra” workshops by adding other topics like Vedic mathematics, Hand writing improvement,Origamy, Mind Mapping techniques. Mr JSP Raj is certainly is a very popular and much admired Memory Trainer in India today.

It is a privilege to have Mr JSP Raj as the Chief Arbiter of National Memory Council of India, who will be heading a team of jury members of NMCI. He will now be responsible for setting, correcting, evaluating, announcing the results and finally uploading the rankings of the Memory athletes participating in the Indian National Memory Championship 2017 to be held on 15th October 2017 at Jalvihar, Hyderabad.  He will be working under the guidance and close co-ordination with Mr Phil Chambers, Chief Arbiter of World Memory Sports Council.

Mr JSP Raj joining the elite controlling body of NMCI will certainly strengthen the hands of Squadron Leader Jayasimha whose effort is to promote Memory Sports in India &show case India’s brain power to the world and produce a World Memory Champion from India in a few years from now.

National Memory Council of India congratulates Mr JSP Raj for taking over the new prestigious appointment and wishes him success in all his future memory adventures.

Mr JSP Raj, the Chief Arbiter of National Memory Council of India can be contacted at 9000248248.

As we have already started specialised one-on-one training for the Indian Memory Championships and the Registrations are underway, those interested students / professionals wanting to participate in the Indian National Memory Championship-2017 can do so by visiting www.nationalmemorycouncilofindia.comor www.jayasimha.inor calling us on 9866018989