National Memory Championship- Rules & Regulations

The rules are a subset of the World Memory Championships General Rules, and are carried out under the auspices of the World Memory Sports Council.

Conduct of each event:

Specific rules for each event and the scoring system are as follows:


  • Contestant must report at the venue by 7.30 AM for a general briefing session, to become familiar with the venue, rules of the contest.
  • Participants must be seated at their respective allotted tables.
  • Participants must be ready to begin at least 5 minutes before the start of each event.
  • Each participant must be familiar with the rules, as events will not be delayed to explain or discuss how the event is scored.
  • Contestants are presented with memorization papers placed face down on the their table.
  • The adjudicator will announce about the commencement of event and will check that each contestant has a memorisation paper. The organisers of the competition will provide all memorisation papers.
  • Once the adjudicator is happy that everyone has a memorisation paper, he will give a one minute and 10 second before starting signal. The official timer will start once the adjudicator says ” Neurons at the ready …..Go! “.
  • An announcement at various time points will be made as follows:
30, 20 and 15 Minute Events  

15 Minutes left
5 Minutes left
1 Minute left

10 Minute Events  

5 Minutes left
1 Minute left


5 Minute Events  

1 Minute left

Spoken Number Event No announcement is made during the running of the Spoken Number Event
  • Contestants may bring their own clocks to monitor the time during each event. Beepers/buzzers etc must be switched off during each event.
  • Mobile phones must also be switched off.
  • The contestants are required to bring their own pens/ pencils, erasers, sharpeners, water bottles, if need be.
  • As total silence during competition cannot be guaranteed, contestants may bring ear plugs, headphones and other noise reducing devices.
  • Contestants may leave their tables to use the washroom at any time during memorisation. They must leave/return to the room quietly without disturbing any contestants.
  • Each contestant must maintain silence during each event.
  • When the time allotted for memorization is over, the adjudicator will announce ” Stop memorising, turn your papers over “. At that point all contestants must stop memorising and turn all memorization papers, together with any paper used to make notes during the event, face down on the table in front of them. The adjudicator will then clear the desk of all papers and will provide blank recall sheets.


  • Once the adjudicator provides the recall sheets to the contestant, they must ensure that their names/ Registration Numbers are clearly marked on every recall sheet.
  • Once the adjudicator is happy that everyone has a recall paper, he will start the recall period by saying ” You may begin recall“. At that point, the official timer will be started.
  • Contestants may hand recall sheets to the adjudicator and quietly leave their table at any time during the recall period.
  • Once a contestant has left the table during the recall period, that contestant will not be permitted to return to continue and if they have not already done so, must submit their papers to the adjudicator.
  • It is the responsibility of each contestant to ensure that their recall papers are clear and that potential misunderstandings are clarified by writing notes to explain the meaning of an answer or by pointing it out to the adjudicator when the paper is collected.
  • No other changes to the recall paper will be allowed once it has been handed to the adjudicator.
  • The adjudicator’s decision is final; however, if there is any doubt about the meaning of a contestant’s answer, the contestant will be asked to do the following:
Event Action
Number Events (Spoken and Binary Numbers) State the number on which the clarification is required, having been given the row number that it appeared on (Eg, row 22) and the position of the digit in the row (Eg, 28th digit). If it is the spoken number event, the contestant will be asked to clarify the number by being given its position in the sequence of numbers.
Random Words Rewrite the word having been given its number from the memorization sheet (Eg, Word 37).
Names and Faces Shown the picture of the face and asked to write down the part of the name that needs clarifying.


The overall India winner of the Memory Championship will be entitled to call himself/ herself as “THE INDIAN NATIONAL OPEN MEMORY CHAMPION – 2017” (of the current competition year) regardless of the age category in which they have competed.


  • The Winner of National Memory Championship-2017  is declared on the basis of maximum points scored by the contestants after the completion of all the ten memorizing events.
  • The National Memory Championship Trophy 2017 1 st Runner up Trophy, 2 nd Runner Up Trophy will be awarded.
  • Certificate of Participation in National Memory Championship – 2017 will be awarded to all the contestants.