Special Personalised Memory Training Sessions started for the Indian National Memory Championship 2017

Very pleased to inform all the seasoned and budding Indian Memory Athletes that special Personalised Memory Training Sessions have started in Hyderabad by Squadron Leader Jayasimha, President World Memory Sports Council for India.

As the Indian National Memory Championship 2017 is going to take place on 15th October 2017, Sunday at Jalvihar, Hyderabad, the Registrations have been pouring in from many students and adults from all over the country. We have been receiving quite a few registrations from Bangalore, Kochi, Chennai, Pune, Mumbai, Indore and Delhi. It is a very pleasant surprise that some reputed schools and colleges and parents are also encouraging their students / children to participate in the Championship. This is a very good sign for the Memory Sports in India.

For the last few years, very limited number of participants had been participating in the championship and the same participants are taking part every year. “Lack of Awareness &Promotion of Memory Sports in India” was the actual reason for this occurrence. Besides, the standard of the Competition has come down so much due to non-availability of  proper training platform for budding Memory Athletes. In this Regard, China has left us far beyond.

Hence, we have a intensive personalised training sessions happening in Hyderabad under the guidance of Squadron Leader Jayasimha.

If you would like to get trained and participate then call us on 8498005454 or 9866018989 to visit www.nationalmemorycouncilofindia.com or www.jayasimha.in

We have the following Memory training sessions happening at present :

  1. Memorising List of Words
  2. Memorising Numbers
  3. Memorising Binary digits
  4. Memorising Names and Faces
  5. Memorising Abstract Images
  6. Memorising Historical dates and events
  7. Memorising Playing Cards
  8. Memorising Spoken Numbers
  9. Memorising Calendar
  10. Rubik’s Cube
  11. Text Book application of Memory for the School & College Students
  12. Memory for Competitive Examinations
  13. Memory for Personal, Business and Office Use
  14. Speed Mathematics
  15. Hand Writing Improvement
  16. Speed Reading
  17. Concentration
  18. Individual Counselling etc.,