The First Asia Pacific Open Memory Championships 2017: Announcement by Squadron Leader Jayasimha

For the attention of all the Memory Athletes of India, Squadron Leader Jayasimha, the President of World Memory Sports Council for India is sharing this very important announcement regarding the First Asia Pacific Open Memory Championship 2017 to be held in China.

From this year 2017, to further support all national council’s memory championships, those National  Memory championships who use the  International Open  format of WMSC will be regarded the qualification games to select their entrants to WMC.

So, because India and China are going use the International Open format,  the competitors from India and China should first participate in either of these two international open competitions.

In other words, an Indian competitor should take either Indian Open or China Open before he registers for WMC final. So it is with a Chinese competitor as well.  Of course, Indian and Chinese competitors will be given priority in entering the 2017 WMC, for there will be limited entrants  this year.

Hence, all the Indian Memory Athletes are requested to go through the below information regarding the First Asia Pacific Open Memory Championship and Register themselves.

The 2017 China Open Memory Championship is upgraded into Asia Pacific Open Memory Championships. The prize fund  40000 USD.

These Asia Pacific Open Memory Championships will immensely encourage the memory competitors in Asia to participate in all memory competitions under the World Memory Sports Council

So all the Indian Memory athletes are requested to register by going through the link below.

China Open upgraded into “Asia Pacific Open Memory Championships” PLUS over 40,000 USD prize fund!

Since the announcement of the 1st China Open 2 weeks ago, more and more high level competitors swarmed into Competition registration list.  It’s no wonder that this highlighted event will surely become the most influential memory competition with the highest standard ever in Asia.

So, to better promote the memory sports in Asia Pacific region, the organizing committee decided to make the following 2 historical changes.

  • The 1st China Open Memory Championships, is now upgraded into “ The 1st Asia Pacific Open Memory Championships” !
  • Also, to better motivate and encourage the outstanding performance of the competitors, the organizing committee will also upgrade the original prize fund from the previous 30,000 USD up to more than 40,000 USD!

The prize fund will be distributed as follows:

Tips: To guarantee thequality and standard of the competition, Asia Pacific Open only allows maximum 80 international competitors from outside of China. Since the reserved vacancy is disappearing constantly, we suggest those international competitors who have interests in enjoying this carnival of memory sports now apply online soon. Better safe than sorry.

So why are you waiting?

Register yourself for the First Asia Pacific Open Memory Championships 2017 by going through the below  link :