Who is the best Memory Coach in India? Squadron Leader Jayasimha

There are numerous Memory trainers and memory athletes, teachers and coaches on this Mind Sport called Memory.  But the question is, who is the best Memory Trainer in India? Who can coach you and be with you till the end to ensure that you do achieve the desired goal? One name that pops up first is, “Squadron Leader Jayasimha”.

Undoubtedly, Squadron Leader Jayasimha is the No 1 trainer in the field of Memory and Soft Skills. Squadron Leader Jayasimha is the President of World Memory Sports Council for India.  He is the only Indian to hold maximum Guinness Records in the world.

To begin with, he was NOT a teacher, a doctor or a scientist or a Memory expert, but was an Air Warrior. After completing his 12th standard, he joined in the Indian Air Force in the lowest rank as a technician. He couldn’t life rifle, couldn’t run, couldn’t properly do the drill, couldn’t speak one sentence in English or Hindi. But the fire in his belly and passion to succeed has made him go places. He went on to get a direct promotion as a Leading Aircraftsman in the Ab-initio training as a Aircraft Engine Technician. There was no looking back since then. After having excelled in all his Air Force Trainings, he went on to acquire numerous academic qualifications, later became a Commissioned Officer. He has 21 years of rich experience in the field of  Education, Training and Development in the Indian Air Force.

He had won, “President’s Plaque” for standing first in Ground Duty Officers’ Course  at Air Force Academy.  He had received many Awards / Medals including “Chief of Air Staff Commendation” for his exemplary service in the Indian Air Force. He is also the Graduate of Prestigious “Defence Services Staff College (DSSC)”, Wellington.

His inquisitiveness to know more about life lead him to many spiritual masters across the country, read lot of religious scriptures, self-improvement books, undergo lots of Motivational workshops, working with many trainers, travelling across the country observing people and finally, Squadron Leader Jayasimha found his calling, “To work on Human Potential” and  decided to pursue the path of Motivational trainings.

This was at Kolkata, when he did he Masters in Statistics from Indian Statistical Institute. Staying close to Dunlop Bridge, Banhoogli, he would visit Belur Sri Ramakrishna Mutt every day to know more about Life and teachings of Sri Ramakrishna and the transformation of Sri Vivekananda. This has ignited a small spark in his heart that led him to what he is today and what he might be tomorrow.

From being a very upcoming officer with bright future in the Indian Air Force, decided to leave his illustrious IAF career and pursued his passion of Self Improvement Training. Initially, he joined a software company, “Mind Tree Consulting” in Bangalore. From there, he  choose to become a Free Lance trainer in the field of Personality Development.

Moving on from Bangalore to Hyderabad, he was into many corporates facilitating workshops on Motivation, Leadership, Team Building, Communication Skills, Inter Personal Relations and Managerial Effectiveness etc.,

One question that came up was, “Is it really possible to Change India”? The answer was strictly “NO”.

Then,  “What”?

We can build “New India”.

India with more than 1.25 Billion population, rich in natural resources, seventh largest nation in area, No 1 in the field of Memory and No 3 in   I Q. But we are still not super power. Because, most of us are physically alive and mentally dead.

How to awaken these fellow countrymen and bring out the best in them?

Then, the simple answer was to work on the YOUTH.

Specially, the children, the student community.

That is when, he went on to take up Memory Training to help them to memorise text books easily, concentrate better, and use left and right brains and develop creativity. In simpler terms, letting the children enjoy their studies with excellence in grades.

This little interest had taken him to many Memory trainers and he went through lots of books on Memory. Soon, he was into training MEMORY. His exceptional speaking skills that he had mastered at Defence Services Staff College, coupled with his voracious reading and research catapulted him to be the No 1 Memory Trainer in India.

One day, his daughter Namrata who was studying in 5th standard asked him a question, “Dad are you the Best in Memory”

He said, “Yes”

The little girl replied, “My Madam told me if any one is best in any field in the world, his/her name will enter into the Guinness Book of World Records. Why your name is not there?”

This unexpected question from the little girl really surprised him and made him to find out as to what he has to do or improve or develop to enter Guinness World Records.

That has led him to his first Guinness World Record of Memorising 200 random objects, doubling the then existing world Record of 100.

He later went on to Lecture non-stop for 120 hours on personality development concepts for his Second Guinness World Record.

Second one has led to third, the third has led to fourth.

Today he has become the Only Indian to have got into Guinness World Records maximum times.

Success is contagious, the biggest Nasha.. it is an Obsession. Jayasimha’s professional career proves this point.

From mastering Memory to teaching, he had visited many schools, colleges, educational institutions, coaching institutions, villages, towns, cities, states and countries teaching the nuances of Memory and Self Improvement. He had trained more than 2,95,000 students and adults, professionals in various aspects of life till date.

Today, he had coached many of his students to enter into Guinness World Records, academic success in various Examinations and many of his students have taken up their career as Memory trainers in India.

He says, it is not sufficient if you learn few memory techniques and teach or participate in few competitions and claim to be No 1 Memory Athlete. One should be a Role Model and most importantly be humble as we grow and the students should look at you as a person whom they can emulate. For his expert Memory Skills, mesmerising speaking skills, cheerful disposition and being grounded & humble, easily approachable nature, Squadron Leader Jayasimha had become the most wanted and popular memory trainer in India.

As he kept travelling across India, one thing that troubled him is the lack of awareness among the students, teachers, parents, educational institutions about Memory. Most of the students  only know that they have to simply reproduce the text books through Rote memory.

In order to bring in awareness of Memory training to India and also to showcase the Indian brain power to the world, he took over as the Chairman of National Memory Council of India and started conducting the National Memory Championships every year under the aegis of World Memory Sports Council.

This year, 2017, the Indian National Open Memory Championship is going to happen on 15th October 2017, Sunday in Hyderabad from morning 9 am to 6 pm, followed by a dinner night with awards ceremony.

Anyone can register and compete in the championship in Kids, Junior, Adults and Senior Category. The Prize money is Rs 1,00,000/- for the winner, Rs 50,000/- for the First Runner up and Rs 25,000/- for the Second Runner up. The winner will also be awarded the title, “The Indian National Memory Champion 2017”.

You may register by visiting the OFFICIAL website www.nationalmemorycouncilofindia.com

Those who want to undergo training for the Championship by Squadron Leader Jayasimha may visit the website www.jayasimha.in

His dream is to produce a World Memory Champion in few years from now and also host World Memory Championships 2020. Today, we are not giving as much importance to Mind Sports as we give to Physical Sports. Hence, he would like to promote this Memory Sport in India which will ultimately help India become No 1 in the World. He is looking for the support of various educational institutions and the Government/ Corporate support.

He says, the days of hard work have gone. Now, Smart work is the way of life. And to work smartly, one has to master his/her brain. Undergoing these workshops on Brain, Memory, Creativity, Alpha Mind Power, Left and Right Brain functioning etc., will help the students to excel in their academic career plus in later part of their life as well.

Squadron Leader Jayasimha is a multifaceted personality. He had  featured in “Fear Factor Extreme – Khatron ki Kiladi” (Reality TV Show on  Colours TV channel) at South Africa with actors Akshay Kumar and Puja Bedi. He had also acted in a Telugu Films, “Broker”, “Billa – Ranga” and “Happy Days Returns”.  He had featured in many Television Channels and in various Newspaper articles.

He is a specialist in outbound/ team building programs – the showcasing of which was seen on the TV reality show, “Champion of Champions” on NTV and Vanita Channel.

He is the founder president of Vision Toastmasters in Hyderabad.

Presently the Managing Director of Jayasimha Mind Dynamics, Hyderabad, which is India’s Premier Training Outfit conducting soft skills  programs /motivational seminars/ Memory training / outbound activities in India and abroad.

Squadron Leader Jayasimha has passion towards training. He says, If somebody has a dream and works towards it with 100% commitment, everything is possible. He is always available for any guest lectures, conducting training workshops to the school and college students, teachers, parents and corporate participants.

He believes in the concept of either you are No 1 or No one. We get to live one life and if you live it well, once is enough. With this motto, he is working to rejuvenate  the youth with Memory and Motivational training.

Here you have a Memory Master who is willing to coach, guide and teach all that he learnt if only one is willing to learn.

He is a voracious reader, his Educational qualifications include :

 Education Qualifications

  • M B A (HR)
  • M S in Counseling & Psychotherapy
  • M Sc (Applied Psychology)
  • M Sc (Mathematics)
  • M Sc (Defence & Strategic Analysis)
  • M Stats (from ISI Calcutta)
  • ACS
  • AMIE (Mechanical Engineering)
  • B Ed
  • Diplomas – Training and Development (ISTD), Leadership and Behavioural Sciences, Customs and Central Excise
  • PG Diploma in International Business Operations
  • He had written lots of books on self-improvement


  • “Train Your Brain” – #1 Best selling book on Memory and study skills for students
  • “Life Will Never be the Same Again” – A self-improvement book
  • “Asadhyam Nunch Sadhyaniki (Impossible to Possible – in Telugu) – a book in Telugu to enhance personal excellence
  • “Get That Dream Job” – a practical guide to writing resumes, attending Interviews & Group Discussions
  • “Simply the Best” Book on Self Esteem and enhancing self confidence
  • “Man – Woman Magic” Book on husband – wife relationships
  • “Mom & Dad”, a book on art of parenting.
  • “Memory Power” book on Memory
  • “Money Mantra” on the Importance of making Money

Reaching out to Squadron Leader Jayasimha :

He can be reached out on his e-mail id : visionjay@gmail.com  or visiting website www.jayasimha.in or www.nationalmemorycouncilofindia.com

He can be contacted on his Mobile Number 9866018989

He can be followed on the twitter at https://twitter.com/SqnLdrJayasimha

He also can be followed on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/jayasimha-squadron-leader-60949b4/

You can subscribe to his you tube channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/JayasimhaSquadron

Address for Communication

Squadron Leader Jayasimha

President World Memory Council for India

Multiple Guinness World Record Holder

Managing Director – Jayasimha Mind Dynamics

309.Jalavayu vihar, AFNHB, Kukatpally

Hyderabad – 500 072 (Andhra Pradesh)

Tele: 98660 18989

E-mail : visionjay@gmail.com ;

Website: www.jayasimha.in